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Your email address will not be published. I would say this is a middle of the road performer on the street. Being a hybrid, it has various traits that also make it a decent off-road. are they an MT or an AT? If you are looking for an aggressive tread block design for extreme off-roading while maintaining that well mannered on-road behavior this is an option to consider. #2. Additionally, they offer a really strong life expectancy. Michelin Defender LTX M/S & Michelin LTX M/S2, 3 Types Of Axes (Multiple Reviews) For Overlanding. Well, best is all relative. They stick to rock and conform well to it as well as having less noise than the typical tire. If you are looking for an all-terrain Nitto that offers great on-road performance, and very minimal road noise with the occasional off-road adventure, then the Terra Grapplers might be for you. Off-road the Terra Grapplers are going to offer additional tread over a highway tire for example, but dont expect them to push through extreme terrain or last into the 50k+ mile mark (again they didnt for us). The M/T2 also features 20% more biting edges along the sidewall to help keep you in control in snowy weather and on slick surfaces. Thanks, They rub and wear unevenly. This means that the 285 tire is slightly smaller than the 33". If you are looking for a well-rounded all-terrain, built for hauling/towing, well-mannered on-road, and fully capable off-road this is truly a special tire you may want to consider. I have personally put about 5k miles on these Guard Dogs and have a love/hate relationship with them on road. I have a out 20,000K on my Toyo Open Country A/T IIs. hoping to find them! But, after putting about 20K miles on them, the performance in wet, snowy and icy conditions started to decline drastically. It holds its own off-road as well, with a proven tread pattern that is capable of getting you farther down the trail than youd think. Trail 4Runner participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links or to other retailer sites from Trail4Runner.com. The only downside off-road is they may bust lugs if you spin them hard on rocks. If you need a tire that performs well off-road but still needs to drive on the highway to get there, the Discoverer AT3 XLT is your best bet. How much of a difference can you really tell with just an inch or so variation in width? Technically Cooper refers to them as an All-Terrain, however, they have many Mud Terrain characteristics. They feature a mud slinger which provides a fresh grip in the mud, continuously throwing out the old mud. Additionally, I had many more choices and looks for the 275s in my area than I did for the 285s. They have an aggressive sidewall and large tread blocks but are surprisingly not that loud for your traditional MT. The on-road performance with Cooper is pretty impressive in their AT3 lineup. After: 285/70/17 Bf Goodrich Ko2s on Icon Stage 2s. The Firestone M/T2 was brought to the market a couple of years ago to replace the original Destination M/T. The thicker, extended shoulder rubber and Increased rubber thickness extends down the sidewall to protect more of the critical sidewall failure zone. If you keep up with rotating them about every 4k miles they will last a long time. Choosing the right tire for your vehicle can be a daunting task. Also keep in mind that the weather condition in the area where you live. They were still going strong, they just didnt look great. Read more #Continental; 2022/09/20. Hi Brenan! These Nitto Terra Grapplers are quiet, soft and stick well on dry conditions and will remain that way through the better part of their lifecycle. Your email address will not be published. In any case, load range D would likely be enough for most of our needs. Do not put TA KO2 on your TRD Wheels. Tire Size . And for a hard compound, they do perform well on most surfaces, including jagged sharp rocks. For the serious off-roader who is looking to wheel in the snow or rocky terrain with a need for great on-road traction getting there, the Goodyear Duratracs have been depended on for decades and maybe a good option. I absolutely love 285s. The Nitto Ridge Grapplers popularity stems from the fact that it is a hybrid mud/all-terrain, which translates to better on-road manners than your typical mud terrain. Stock TRD wheels or 8 inch wheels? The Toyo AT2 is on the harder side compared to other rubber compounds which means the tread will last a long time. These are louder on-road then your typical A/T but they are quieter on-road than many other M/Ts. Mud Terrains are typically going to provide the most amount of traction possible for a street-legal radial. If you see the T, that means its the temporary tire. The lower load range is going to offer you a more comfortable ride although that is to be debated. Awesome article, but curious about skinny tires. This means that a 265 tire is going to be more affordable, more efficient, more comfortable, quieter, and will also offer more traction in the rain, slush, and snow. They grip on road well through thick and thin but damn do they make some noise. Looks like it says Treadwright Guard Dog when you zoom in on the photo. Goodyear backs this with a 50K mile warranty but through some reviews online you will see people say this Wrangler SR-A can push upwards of 70-80K miles. Off-road, the deep tread and rugged traction shoulders give tons of grip for an all-terrain while also being resistant to punctures. Most options in this category are going to be for 4Runner owners that see little to no off-roading, mostly pavement. So whatever they recommend just double back and verify real reviews of Toyota truck owners online. This has been a go-to tire in the light truck, crossover, and SUV category for decades which dates back to 1977. I will probably buy another set of these same tires next time. They look great but I didn't go wider because I did not want the extra fuel mileage hit. These have a longer-lasting performance rating compared to the original Destination A/T. vs 285/75-16 vs 265/70-16 vs 235/85-16 vs 265/70-17 vs 285/70-16 vs 285/70-17 vs 255/85-16 vs 245/75-16 Send us your suggestions and ideas for the tire size calculator! Radial tires are new and popular because they have an inner tire that looks like spokes coming out from the center. I was leaning towards the Toyo AT IIIs but this article has not convinced me that they are worth trying? If you dont add a bumper then you will be fine. If you are looking for an ultra-quiet AT for your commute, these are not for you. If your only drive is around town, in short bursts or even to just the trailhead, and you are looking for an affordable off-road option, these Guard Dogs are for you. Not sure if that is noticeable but perhaps. Keep in mind this is a budget option so budget comes with some type of downfall right? I got that one via Discount Tire, should have returned it. This is just a quick video to show that largest tire size you can put on a 5th gen 4Runner with an Old Man Emu 3 inch lift. It is 10.9" vs 10.7". Do they rub? Nonetheless, I am so pleased with them that Im about to order another set. The first three numbers in a tire size are the width of the tire. Great for people who dont experience much snow but may encounter mud or sharp rocks often. All four are made in USA. If you got this far, you should now have a much better idea as to which tire fits your driving style best. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); document.getElementById( "ak_js_2" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); The Goodyear Wrangler Duratracs are a A/T tire not a M/T tire. However, some ATs are more aggressive and are designed to act more like a Mud or even M+S variant. Wheels & Tires; Toyota 4Runner Forum . Letters R stands for radial tires. This model features an aggressive staggered off-shoulder tread design to give extra bite around the edges while off-road. With this said, there is a big difference in running 33 vs. 34 tires. Making the jump to a small 32 tire should be fine on stock suspension. I have put the KM3 through its paces going over large boulders, through slushy mud pits and general dirt trails, it just keeps going. Load range D and E come on 275s and larger. Also, durability is top-notch. The Goodyear Wrangler Fortitude HT is a highway terrain, all season tire manufactured for SUVs and light trucks. Long story short for this thread, it wasnt easy but very well worth it. Good, fairly quiet and well mannered for a mud terrain-like design. The BFG KO2s are a go-to for a variety of reasons, but mainly because theyre great on and off-road. If you are looking for a 3PMSF rating in this category consider the Bridgestone Blizzak LT, Michelin Latitude X-ICE, Michelin LTX Winter, or for a cheaper option, look at a Firestone Winterforce variant. There is a balance when buying an MTs. Yep, I agree with Ryan I have a 2 lift on my 4runner & I have 285/70/17s worked out great& looks great! Specifically looking at the Cooper Evo MT on the RRW RR7-H. First of all, thanks so much for this amazing tire write-up! German Engineering. They are probably better suited for someone who uses their vehicle off-road more frequently but could also work for a daily driver. The diameter of the 265 is 31.6 inches and for the 285 the diameter is 32.7 inches. Designed to accommodate most terrain which gives them the all terrain title. Off-road traction is excellent with this MT. We took a few corners pretty quickly and never felt like I was losing control of the vehicle. If you dont need a tire that is rated for severe weather and conditions. I am still open to suggestions and advice as this is a very big investment that I can only afford to do right the first time. This 2023 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 in Delray Beach, FL is available for a test drive today. 285/75-R16 tires are 1.18 inches (30 mm) larger in diameter than 265/75-R16 tires and the speedometer difference is 3.6% . 265 tires mean that the width of your tires is 265 mm. Usually, the KO2 fits the weekend warrior well. I was shocked at the lack of noise these produced. Remarkable all weather traction is . The 285s are out of the running at this point, I'm not experienced enough nor do I have the budget to start trimming or replacing bumpers and all that. If youre primarily driving around town and on the free freeway along with commuting through wet seasons in the winter all while looking for a long-lasting option the Wrangler SR-A is a great choice. Ok, so I went with the 285/70R17 Duratracs. Cooper STT Pro Mud Terrain Tires (295/75R17) This style of tire is truly designed to claw at the rock, mud, snow - or any other severe terrain you may find yourself on. For reference, hum is a little less severe than a howl. I rotate every 5,000 miles and dont go off roading other than an occasional gravel road and they are bald at 31,000. These are also not a good choice if you foresee yourself in a deep snowpack or thick mud. This is a great option for a 2wd 4Runner or for someone that uses 4wd on a very rare occasion or for someone that lives a climate that rarely sees wet, snowy, or muddy conditions. William thanks man, yeah it can be confusing. These are great for the offroader who daily drives their rigs to and from work, then takes their rigs off-road on the weekends. oz. Even my Limited came with skinny tires now got 285/70R17. Seeing how Nitto is a sister company of Toyo you may be able to save some money with a Trail Grappler. So whats the problem? The Trail Hogs do quite well off-road. I know most people love them but not me. Very reliable! (Tire Width Always Refers To The Measurement From One Sidewall To Another). The blocky-ness pulls well through low to moderate mud hole scenarios. Goodyear offers a 65,000 mile treadwear warranty with the SUV sizes and a 50,000 mile treadwear warranty with the light truck sizes of this model. They are a harder compound so you can feel a bit more bumps with them but I will take that as a trade-off for longer life expectancy. They provided a comfortable ride all while gripping the surface they were pushed through. Their performance off-road at about 30K-40K miles was almost non-existent and provided next to no traction, even when aired down. They look nice. Almost no noticable rub. This model comes with a 55,000-mile warranty as well as the Firestone 90-Day Buy and Try Guarantee. For this article, we will use example tires like P26570R17 and LT28570R17. These are great for your commuter or a daily driver who drives around town, to and from work, on the highway often or on a mostly paved road with the occasional gravel road terrain. I love the articles! The good thing about the Dueler H/T is they have absolutely zero road noise. Deep snow and mud will get stuck in the lugs leaving you wanting and often needing more. On the flip side, a 285 tire beats . The Kumho MT71 Mud Terrain is new to 2020. For most 4Runner owners, a well-rounded AT is going to offer the best of both worlds. Buy Tyres Online At Fundi Tyres. Instead of looking for the best option, we asked 20K people to gather the most common choices among the 4Runner crowd. So if you live in an area with heavy rainfall and need your car to perform well during inclement weather conditions (i.e., snow), then 265s may not be suitable for you! This will be a great option for many 4Runner owners. The KM3 ranges in price from $172 per to $508; of course, size plays a factor in the cost. At that 20k-25k mile mark, I noticed these slipping on slightly snowy patches in Tahoe in which I had to engage 4HI. Another buying signal to look at is the life and performance of the tire. They have features such as mud and rock rejectors which keep the tread cleared out giving you that constant traction. Manufacturers are you listening? Released Jan 1 of 2020, the MT71 boasts off-road traction, on-road handling, and durability. If you never off-road and occasionally drive through moderate to mild winter conditions then they might be for you. Some have made 50-60k miles on a set when regularly maintained. For example, 265 means that the width is 265 millimeters and 285 means that it is 285 millimeters. The Trail Hogs are for the driver who spends most of their time off-road. I absolutely love it. The AT3 XLTs are the most robust option in Coopers AT3 line-up. The letters LT, either at the beginning or at the end of a tire size, may mean that it is for light trucks. So, whether youre looking for a mud terrain that can take you to hell and back or just look badass while youre shopping at the mall, the BFGoodrich KM3 is the all-around winner in my opinion. They are quieter than the Toyo AT which isnt saying much because the Toyo AT2 is known for being on the loud side. They are offered in a variety of common sizes so youre set even if you have a lift installed. The first letter on the sidewall of your tire tells you what kind of tire it is. They stick so well to dry rock and I have found tons of grip on dry and they stand up to the beating that rocks provide. I would suggest the same setup for anyone that wants a good looking street friendly off road capable beast. However, these 4 made in USA tires look perfect. Working and driving through work sites I have put many nails and screws in these Toyo Open Country MTs and not once did I get a flat. In this blog post, we will take a look at two popular options: 265 tires and 285 tires. 265/70 R17 tires diameter is 31.6 inches, section width is 10.4 inches and rim diameter is 17 inches. This provides an easy way for water to escape in order to help reduce the risk of hydroplaning. Tires are one of the most important upgrades you can make on your truck or SUV. Sonax (230241) Wheel Cleaner Plus - 16.9 fl. They are however not perfect, they have been known to not have the best performance in snow and icy conditions. The short answer is 32. This is going to be above what you would find in a typical all-terrain. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Off-road performance of these irestone M/T2s is amazing. Nitto is known for its robust sidewalls so you can have more confidence airing them down and going into rock sections without worrying about impaling the sidewall. This tire is designed for wet roads. NOTE: The width of a tire is measured from sidewall to sidewall in millimeters, not the contact patch only. They sport a knobby tread block with thick sidewalls (E-rated- although you can get them in a lower load range with the 265) but arent deeply treaded enough to make significant noise driving down the highway. As you increase to highway speeds, tire noise takes over as the primary vehicle sound. One of the most well-known all-terrains on the market, the BFG KO2. If youre having trouble choosing between an AT or MT, the Trail Hogs are a great option to get the best of both. This model comes with a 50,000-mile warranty as well as the Firestone 90-Day Buy and Try Guarantee for those who want to give these tires a test run but arent sure if they are completely suited to fit their needs. Meanwhile, 275 tires have a width of 275 mm and 285 tires have a width of 285mm. I ran the Xtreme variant for just over 10K miles. The 4Runner SR5, TRD Pro, and TRD Off-Road trims come with 17-inch wheels and 265/70R17 tires. They have big and aggressive shoulder lugs, and deep siping. There is a balance when buying an MTs.

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