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CJMD113 Send a request to Stiff Little Fingers to play in your city. Payola from 1981 and Silly Thing a Sex Pistols cover from the Great Rock n Roll Swindle sees Cook back where he belonged all those years ago, the chorus Oh You Silly Thing, You Really Gone and Done it Now is sang by the whole of Rock City, myself included. Stiff Little Fingers are a punk rock band from Belfast, Northern Ireland. Poster / Flyer. The Alarm One song they had not played on their last two visits that was great to hear was Gotta Get Away. Jake Burns, their lead singer, is the only member to have been with the band during all its incarnations, but in March 2006, original bass guitarist Ali McMordie rejoined them following the departure of The Jam bass player Bruce Foxton after fifteen years. *** Get the full experience with the Bandsintown app. Brinsley Schwarz Great atmosphere and brilliant show. Supported by Eddie and the Hot Rods who were also brilliant. The venue hosted the warm-up show and forerunner for the Stiff Little Fingers Sure wish we had 20/20 vision Tour. Find information on all of Stiff Little Fingerss upcoming concerts, tour dates and ticket information for 2023-2024. In the next song, Last Protest Song, Jake apologised for not knowing the words because they had only recently written it. As they rip into the siren sounding solo the crowd are bouncing, not a full on pogo but its great to see all the same. A song about rejection, about not being liked by the crowd, how it would feel. Stiff Little Fingers . Bob Marley & The Wailers Playing with a ton of energy they were tight. 100% Buyer Guarantee! Freddykidd Phinky posted 18th January 2021. March 2020 saw the release of an EP consisting of four tracks; Twenty 20 Vision, One That Got Away, Join the Professionals and Good Man Down and a Live album entitled Live in London. It was eventually covered by the Sex Pistols and reached no21 in 1980. They were initially only together for five years - they split in 1982, claiming that they felt they couldnt top their latest album of the time, Now Then, but later admitting that a series of intra-band fistfights put paid to their future - but they reconvened in 1987, and have continued to record and play live since. follow. Delivery: Estimated between Wed, 15 Mar and Fri, 17 Mar to 98837. Sounding better than ever. Stiff Little Fingers's 1980 Concert History. Great show! Clearly one of Punk Rocks greatest anthems is being enjoyed by the man behind the kit as he beams at the crowd who are screaming along. The crowd going mental on their old time classics like Tin Soldier, Alternative Ulster, Suspect device, Nobody's Hero, Barbed wire love, etc. Edit setlist Aug 6 2022 With a gritty sound from the guitar and a vocal thats more deliberate than shouted, he gives it his all, at one point I thought hed slipped but checking my camera he had in fact done an impressive kick, hats off, this guy is still living it as he tells us its no time to be 21. Formed in 1977 the group consists of Jake Burns, Ali McMordie, Steve Grantley and Ian McCallum. They played really well and stuck up for a girl when a bad thing happened. Stiff Little Fingers 2023-24 tour dates, event details + much more. SLFs humanity shone through with Jake talking to the audience about International Womens Day - to which was dedicated Safe as Houses, depression in men which he dedicated My Dark Places and finally the tragic war in Ukraine, which they dedicated Barbed Wire Love. AndrewGeddes23 Saturday 19 March 2022 O2 Academy 55 Cookridge St, LS2 3AW Leeds England - United Kingdom. Punk, Rock, Pop: 2022 (36) 2021 (5) 2020 (14) 2019 (59) 2018 (38) 2017 (49) 2016 (29) 2015 (37) Rewind from 2017 has the job of following that epic tune. The Mighty Mighty Bosstones The original has an early Numan type feel to it, with a driving drum beat the power of the song is lost in this acoustic version, partly made up for by the shear energy T.V.Smith is putting into the delivery. Unlike many of the more. He toured constantly, along-side the likes of Germanys Die Toten Hosen and Spains Suzy & Los Quattro, before joining Amen, an American band who were ardent fans of The Adverts. Mung The Ergs! They tour the UK on a yearly basis, in fact, frequenting the same old rooms to many of the same old faces each time; there are, though, always a few new, younger ones sneaking in there too. All tickets from the originally scheduled shows are valid for the new dates. Sheer bloody brilliance just as if we stood in front of them 40 years ago. Suspect Device, Alternative Ulster, Gotta Gettaway - they dont change. A further gig happened the following year, 2016 at The Islington Academy. Stiff Little Fingers Bunny Wailer 2018 saw them play at the Isle of Wight festival, with Chris McCormack taking on guitar duties. They are just a great fun band. Sator CWaterston wrote: gipper51 wrote: Pull the battery out, then put a few drops of 90% or higher Isopropyl alcohol into the switch. But all in all, a great gig. 1,161 people have seen Stiff Little Fingers live. Stiff Little Fingers have announced that they have had to postpone their UK tour dates due to the ongoing pandemic, with regard to the tour they have moved as many of the shows as they could back a year, and as was the case with the initial move ALL tickets for the original shows will remain valid and The . Johnny Preston First saw them in 77 Favourite moment? Stiff Little Fingers are well known for writing and playing music that chronicles their experience of The Troubles (the violent struggles that occurred due to disputes over the constitutional status of Northern Ireland) during the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. Show all. Explore Stiff Little Fingers tour schedules, latest setlist, videos, and more on Resale tickets from 56.08. Great seats, food/drinks were amazing and SLF was awesome as ever. 8 March 2022. Eternal Punk RockersSTIFF LITTLE FINGERShave announced their annual UK tour, scheduled to start on March 4thin Bristol, has been put back to 2022 for reasons we will all be very much aware of by now. Cr3at10n are a band that has also come a long way, very quickly, in every respect since I first saw them perform live, not that long ago. Stiff Little Fingers - Tour 2022 - 10/03/2022 - Bristol - England - United Kingdom - Event Information - LINEUP - Stiff Little Fingers, TV Smith, The Professionals NEW YORK . The band has seen multiple line up changes over the years, but the bands central fan base has remained strong throughout the decades. 20/20 VISION TOUR 2022 ROCK CITY, Nottingham 14th March 2022, on Gig Review : STIFF LITTLE FINGERS. The Avengers sounded amazing. Tommy Stinson It was evident, still, that these guys are playing to a crowd from another era or curious about punk stalwarts from another era. Stiff Little Fingers - Tour 2022. JoeRee99 Add Setlist. Another tune that talks about being on your own during isolation. Stiff Little Fingers - Tour 2022. Photo Don D, I must also acknowledge the unseen heroes of the day, the other young people from Livewire, overseen by project manager Andy, working behind the scenes on the stage management side, without whose efforts this event couldnt have gone smoothly and to Don D the photographer for allowing the use of his awesome photos of the event.Stiff Little Fingers. In 1983 they split up after six years and four albums, although they . The Ruts at Custom House Square in Belfast on Saturday 20th August 2022 alongside an all-star line-up of special guests & friends including THE SELECTER, THE UNDERTONES, RICKY WARWICK & THE FIGHTING HEARTS and DJ TERRI HOOLEY. I'm only the driver so i put in my ear plugs & either sleep or play games on my phone until we leave. The Specials Any fans who havent seen The Stiff Little Fingers in a few years/decades, I urge you to do so as soon as possible. jazzjpgs Great performance, Awesome Buzz, Fantastic sounds,Packed house! Stiff Little Fingers is an Irish punk rock band from Belfast, Northern Ireland. The venue hosted the warm-up show and forerunner for the Stiff Little Fingers "Sure wish we had 20/20 vision Tour". Starting with No Time to Be 21 this being from the Adverts first album, Crossing the Red Sea with the Adverts. Our Money Talk Portfolio is up 211% ($310,971). Frontman had worthwhile stories and statements in between songs I appreciated - talking about songs written about anti-racism and brief episodes in the band's long life. The chanting of FINGERS can be heard rumbling through the crowd, Burns smiles as he turns around, His green guitar hanging as he delivers the opening, distorted guitar riff but sings a cleaner vocal than on the original as they get straight into Suspect Device from the 1979 album Inflammable Material, McMordie has leapt into the air as he spanks his bass, left handed McCullum, on stage right brought back an instant memory of the now departed Dave Greenfield, Stranglers keyboard player, he has that same carefree attitude, Been there, Seen it Done it! Forthcoming & upcoming concerts and festivals around the world. You have entered an incorrect email address! Stiff Little Fingers were amazing from start to finnish, they haven't lost their touch even after 40 yrs, Jake Burns still has the passion and fire to deliver the goods, come back soon SLF. Well theres no fear of that as it goes down a storm. bletherer1 The Avengers have not missed a beat. A great atmosphere. AndyGray I bought SLF albums in the 80's, but just got to see them now. Ted Leo and the Pharmacists Their intensity and social concern is one reason punk will never die. Vendredi 18 Mars 2022 O2 City Hall Northumberland Rd, NE1 8SF Newcastle England - Royaume Uni. Knees feeling it today, still fun after all these years. A band formed by Ex Sex Pistols guitarist Steve Jones and Drummer Paul Cook back in 1979. Plus a hand full of more recent songs,16 shots ,Guitar and Drum , Strummerville, Harp, Drinking Again etc. The Stiff If the tour dates of Stiff Little Fingers are not right, please contact us and we will add the events in our database. Affiche / Flyer. Sweet I was time traveled back to my punk days of the 80's and I was thrilled.I actually enjoyed them more than SLF! Wardshaun666 The heat in rock city has risen a few degrees, Im lucky, standing by the doors Im getting a bit of a breeze around the ankles as I watch over a sea of bouncing heads and raised fists. There are certain members of the punk old guard who quite simply refuse to go away, and Stiff Little Fingers are most definitely amongst them. Scotlandbanff Punk: The Professionals. 10/10 every time I have had the pleasure to see this great band. This song about change was written back in 79 its a great statement about the youth of Belfast wanting a different life, to be able turn their backs on the bad things happening around them, a short but poignant song even today. Thanks for a great show. Photo Don D. This was followed by State Of Emergency, another new track, Fade, Wasted Life and finally Gotta Gettaway. The new album is definitely on me to get list, which seems to be growing by the gig! My Rock Shows search for concerts and buy tickets in more than 50 countries. So, its been a great night of musical discord and lyrics full of anti-establishment slayings and a two fingered disregard for convention and conformity. My old mate Kevin is in the pit tonight so no doubt Ill get the story of how he was duty bobby when the Pistols case went to Crown Court, over the infamous album cover, here in Nottingham many moons ago. Every thing is here about Stiff Little Fingers Tour at Dublin Academy. DiggerJones mrhorse1982 No torment of crashing guitars, this song from Go for It was released back in 81 but still feels current. Half Man Half Biscuit Being asked for ID and going through the metal detector to get into the venue caught us off guard. They started out as a schoolboy band called Highway Star (named after the Deep Purple song), doing rock covers, until they discovered punk. Your browser is not supported. The Depot really engineered the sound incredibly this night. Mart_The_Tart Stiff Little Fingers // Cockney Rejects / GBH. No Hope Street from 2018s Land of the Overdose follows on. The set concludes with Gotta Gettaway with machine gun high-hat work from Grantley, again proving hes a great drummer, a booming bassline from McMordie cracks into life as Burns tells us hes gotta get away. Sign up for our email list at. Your browser is not supported. chrismerrick68 The whole set was confidently and professionally executed end to end and with assistance from another Livewire member, Jasmine, who did a superb job covering for their usual drummer. Dropkick Murphys 19:00 | 20/03/23. They sounded just as good as they used to. It was a great finish to the set and loved by the fans who showed their appreciation as the band finished their jam packed but short set.

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