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2D1.1 and reduced by two levels the offense level applicable to many drug trafficking offenses. Garcia-Guillern v. United States, 450 F.2d 1189, 1192 (5th Cir. 290 (S.D.Cal.1996). In re Petition of France for Extradition of Sauvage,819 F. Supp. Quines eran los narcojuniors reales de Tijuana? Under Article 10 of the Treaty, the request for extradition is required to contain the description of the offense for which extradition is requested and shall be accompanied by: (1) A statement of the facts of the case; (2) The text of the legal provisions describing the essential elements of the offense; (3) The text of the legal provisions describing the punishment for the offense; (4) The text of the legal provisions relating to the time limit on the prosecution of the offense; and. No case authority is offered on this issue. According to statements filed in federal court in San Diego, Ibarras assassination Sept. 14 was committed by members of the Arellano Felix drug organization and coordinated by the attorney general of Baja California. In the Matter of the EXTRADITION OF Emilio Valdez MAINERO. Mexico contests the reliability of these recantations asserting that they are self serving, lacking in reliability and inadmissable as contradictory evidence. Miranda's testimony is not only generally consistent with the statements of others, but is based upon his acquaintance and involvement with the individuals described therein. In making this ruling, the Court of Appeals stated: After making its holding, the Gallina court did state that a case might occur in which the extraditee "would be subject to procedures or punishments so antipathetic to a federal court's sense of decency as to require reexamination of the [the general principle upholding extradition.]" On September 30, 1996, the United States Attorney's Office for the Southern District of California, acting on behalf of the Republic of Mexico, presented to the Honorable Anthony Battaglia, United States Magistrate Judge, a complaint and a formal extradition request for Emilio Valdez Mainero (hereinafter "Valdez" or "Extraditee"). The magistrate judge need only determine whether there is competent evidence to justify holding the Respondent for trial, not whether the evidence is sufficient to justify conviction. The case against the juniors spilled into U.S. courts after the Sept. 30 arrest of Emilio Valdez Mainero, 32, the baby-faced son of a deceased Tijuana colonel. The purported March 3, 1997 declaration of Alejandro is false and its manner of production and presentation erode any potential reliability. 1101(d) (3); and Fed. The two perpetrators escaped in a white Volkswagen. This resulted in the arrest of Valdez on September 30, 1996. 96-1798-M. United States District Court, S.D. Cruz also said he transported weapons used in Ibarras slaying. Ramn y Arturo se la pasaban en fiestas y en una de conocieron a Emilio Valdez Mainero, quien era hijo de un coronel que fue miembro de los guardias presidenciales. The various activities included a number of incidents of transportation of illegal drugs and homicide. Mexico), they could have easily added that provision. United States v. Wiebe, 733 F.2d 549, 554 (8th Cir.1984); Bozilov v. Seifert, 983 F.2d 140 (9th Cir.1992). Matter of Extradition of Koskotas, 127 F.R.D. [11] More fully identified as the "Criminal Code in local matters and for all the Republic in federal matters.". The United States, in fact, complied with Article 11, Paragraph 3, by its initial filing of diplomatic note 001831, on November 25, 1996 with the U.S. Embassy in Mexico. En septiembre de 2002, el Juzgado Cuarto de Procesos Penales Federales en el Estado de Mxico (antes Juzgado Primero de Distrito . These issues were analyzed under that premise. The videotaped deposition of Alejandro is the only credible evidence to demonstrate the circumstances under which Mexico's evidence was collected. According to testimony given to . (7) Evidence which, in accordance with the laws of the requested party, would justify the apprehension and commitment for the trial of the person sought if the offense had been committed there, (i.e., probable cause). Respondent was identified in statements of alleged co-conspirators Fausto Soto Miller, aka "Joel Fierro," "El Chef" or "El Cocinero" (hereinafter "Soto");[22] Cruz; Gilberto Vasquez Culebro, aka "El Gorras" or "El Cachuchas" (hereinafter "Vasquez"); as well as witnesses, Alejandro Enrique Hodoyan Palacios, (hereinafter "Alejandro"); and, Gustavo Miranda Santacruz, (hereinafter "Miranda") with involvement in a host of criminal activities on behalf of the Arellano Felix organization and in particular with the shooting of Gallardo and Sanchez. [46] Respondent's repeated request to confront and cross-examine Mexico's witnesses under Fed.R.Crim.P. [26] In Respondent's REPLY TO GOVERNMENT'S RESPONSE RE: EXTRADITION AND REQUEST FOR DISCOVERY (Docket No. [17] Article 9(1) provides in pertinent part, "the executive authority of the requested party shall have the power to deliver them up if, in its discretion, it is deemed proper to do so". [47] Alejandro's testimony also implicates his brother concerning the involvement with the AFO, which relates to the pending extradition of Alfredo Hodoyan-Palacios, 96mg1828(AJB). (5) There is probable cause that a crime or crimes were committed and that the Respondent participated in or committed them. Miranda also identifies Respondent as the person depicted in various photographs reference as numbers 53, 54, 55, 73 and 74. The date of production for the photographic evidence was set for November 5, 1997[9] and later extended with properly authenticated and certified originals being filed on December 1, 1997. Prior to the June 30, 1997 evidentiary hearing on the extradition requests, there were numerous other filings by the United States and by counsel for the detainee as well as several status hearings. The admissibility of Miranda's statement, as taken by Assistant United States Attorney Curiel, was previously discussed. MEMORANDUM DECISION DENYING BAIL PENDING EXTRADITION PROCEEDINGS. [39] MEMORANDUM OF POINTS AND AUTHORITIES IN SUPPORT OF MOTION RE: DETAINEE'S RESPONSE TO EXTRADITION REQUEST AND REQUEST FOR RELEASE, Page 6, lines 5-7 (Docket No. 33. 970 (1925); the probable cause is sustained if competent evidence to establish reasonable grounds is presented, not necessarily evidence competent to convict. An analysis of whether this Court should enact a humanitarian exception into foreign extradition begins with a recognition of the rule of non-inquiry. Respondent also offers, as evidence to defeat probable cause, recantations by Cruz and Soto relative to the earlier statements[36]. It is alleged that Respondent was involved in criminal activities within the Arellano-Felix drug trafficking organization (hereinafter AFO). Valdez was ordered detained following arraignment. EMILIO VALDEZ MAINERO was represented by retained counsel Michael Pancer. 40). There is no credible evidence supporting the authenticity of this summary of testimony in the closed investigation in Mexico. Connect with the definitive source for global and local news. [6] The Court also directed the United States to request from Mexico, a signed statement of Seargent Ruiz and evidence of all dates of arrest after September 1, 1996 of witnesses Soto, Alejandro Hodoyan, Francisco Cabrera Castro and Gerardo Cruz Pacheco.[7]. [41] All of these individuals are described as "prisoners" in the statement. You already receive all suggested Justia Opinion Summary Newsletters. [13] The diplomatic note related to the initial firearms charge[14] and the criminal association charge. A few seconds passed and then he saw the white Volkswagen speed out of the parking lot. There is no authority that exists that requires a magistrate judge to authorize compelled disclosures of explanatory information. BATTAGLIA, United States Magistrate Judge. [1] Valdez was identified or described at various times and by different persons or in documentary evidence with nicknames or aliases. Respondent's role is alleged to have included, among other things, the planning and carrying out of assassinations of people perceived to be enemies of the AFO, including rival drug traffickers and law enforcement officials. 000012 dated January 3, *1213 1997. That conclusion is based on the following analysis. Barrett v. United States, 590 F.2d 624 (6th Cir. Ahora me siento segura ya que me entero inmediatamente de todo lo que sucede, inclusive antes que mi abogado y que el abogado de . En una de esas fiestas fue que conocieron a Emilio Valdez Mainero, quien era hijo de un coronel que fue miembro de los guardias presidenciales, cuando an existan. EMILIO VALDEZ MAINERO (hereinafter "Valdez" or "Respondent") 1 is accused by Mexico of having been involved with or committing various crimes in violation of . The statements of three admitted members of the organization are contained in extradition papers for Emilio Valdez Mainero, an alleged Arellano henchman arrested in the United States. [3] See Memorandum Decision Denying Bail Pending Extradition Proceedings filed 10/21/96 (Docket No. A review of the evidence submitted in support of those charges meets the requirements regarding identity and probable cause sufficient to fulfill the fifth extradition requirement. "The Secretary of State has sole discretion to refuse extradition on humanitarian grounds because of the procedures or treatment that await the surrendered fugitive." Elias v. Ramirez,215 U.S. 398, 30 S. Ct. 131, 54 L. Ed. Background. The extradition request and supporting documents are admitted into evidence during the hearing and the post hearing submissions are properly authenticated or otherwise admissible within the discretion of the Court. The allegations of torture supported by some of the self serving statements of the witnesses and some factual conflicts (i.e. 20, 2013) From Casetext: Smarter Legal Research. In the instant case, Mexico has submitted, inter alia, sworn declarations of percipient witnesses and accomplices to the crimes alleged against Valdez. The precedent of the long line of cases discussed above, supports the proposition that the consideration of a "humanitarian exception" should be left to the Department of State where it rightly belongs. Publicado: 5/6/2021 7:10:25 PM. 290 Brought to you by Free Law Project, . Zanazanian v. United States, 729 F.2d 624, 626-27 (9th Cir.1984). Seguir Leyendo "Siempre estaba preocupada por el avance de mi divorcio, me la pasaba marcando y visitando a mi abogado. Soto recounted another incident in March, 1995, during which he was told by members of the AFO that Valdez and others participated in the assassination of a man named "Endir" who was the cousin of Manolo Rico. Alejandro, who is the brother of extraditee Alfredo Miguel hodoyan Palacios aka "Lobo",[28] stated that his brother told him that Valdez and Martinez had participated in the murder of Gallardo at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Toluca. The Supplemental Complaint charged Respondent with criminal association under Article 164, paragraph 1 and Article 13, section 2 of the Penal Code for the Federal District. Background. While the motion was denied, the Court did find good cause to order the production of further evidence described by the United States in its responsive papers as becoming available since the June 30, 1997 extradition hearing. Netflix lanz la ltima temporada de Narcos: Mxico, donde adems de los personajes que ya conocemos, hay UNA sorpresa: Bad Bunny. The interviews of Alejandro in the United States confirm the uncoerced willingness of Alejandro to provide testimony concerning the criminal activities of the AFO and Respondent's role therein. An injury to the anterior upper third of his right leg is claimed to have resulted from a fight with an unknown person. In re Sindona,450 F. Supp. Emilio Valdez Mainero was a boyhood buddy Mr. Hodoyan chose years later to be the godfather at his first daughter's baptism. No further "recantation" exists, although he does "appeal that accusation" (the charges brought against him are on the basis of the statements). Probable cause exists to believe that the Respondent committed the offenses of homicide and criminal conspiracy as charged against him in Mexico. EMILIO VALDEZ MAINERO was represented by retained counsel Michael Pancer. These individuals left his home the following day for Mexico City in a light grey Spirit automobile.

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