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She didn't know what would happen if it stopped smelling like him. Jude tells Cardan about Balekins wish to meet with him but Cardan refuses his demands. Telling the baker her bread was bad, the butcher that he was ugly, and his siblings that they were useless. Not only has Cardan already expressed his feelings through his actions, Jude finally gets to hear it from him, and finally, she listens. 10 Au 2022 What book do Cardan and Jude get together? His hands rested awkwardly at her shoulders for a moment, the still shock of her embrace lining his features before he copied the way she sunk into him. She brought his fingers to her lips. It is early in the morning, Jude, dear, and I am tired, he said, his rough voice laced with sleep like a drug. When Prince Cardan and his group throw Jude and Taryn into the lake with the nixies, Locke whispers to Taryn to trust him. According to him, his redeeming quality is that he is no murderer. Dark blue skies still hovered above. Cardan becomes jealous of Jude begins to have feelings for Cardan. Taryn proceeded to design clothing for Jude. Cardan stalks towards her and calls her a dirty mortal liar. 7 Th2. Taryn posed as Jude to obtain a key. He then requests that she frees him from his vow of obedience. I suppose I should be insulted. Oh dear. Friends and Allies. There was no way hed let her forget about this tomorrow. Neither did his siblings unless it amused them. However, their friendship hit a rough patch when Locke stole Nicasia from Cardan. There they find the Ghost and Taryn. Our local knowledge . Using his powers over the earth, Cardan calls a throne and splits it in half. The Folk of the Air Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. Later, Cardan reveals that he has had fantasies about Jude and the two make love. They pull away and Cardan refuses to tell her how it made him feel. Cardan is unable to forgive Nicasia for her betrayal, treatment, and kidnapping of Jude, but feels sorry for her towards the end of the books. Taryn also wishes to fall in love with a fae and marry him in order to join the Court and doesn't mind being treated unfairly or tested by her lover. Its very interesting and dark and gloomy but also a nail-biter. However, when the guards come to chain her, Cardan commands them not to touch her, and then announces that Jude is his wife and the High Queen of Faerie. Dulcamara suggests that she could become part of Judes personal guard. So it was Jude they were punishing. The STEM baddies keep winning! Heather asks if Jude's magical healing means she has magical powers. Jude is not a queen consort, but a co-monarch. Jude replies that after his speech, it wasn't too hard. Jude still pretends to be glamoured. The boy found a tavernkeeper who he could work for and in exchange get soup, a place to sleep, and some money. Furthermore, he said "Only out of his spilled blood can a great ruler rise, but not before what I have told you comes to pass. All of her previous suitors had ran away in terror and fear, but the boy did not. Jude leaves his plea unanswered, "Get up" she says. Jude described her as a floating figure and a living bouquet. Ghost and Vulciber are working with Orlagh and they betray Jude. (The Cruel Prince, pg. Unfortunately for Orlagh, Jude still cant be clamoured. And when Jude goes out to investigate, she is kidnapped and taken to the north where Madoc and his army are making plans for war. The two plan to set up traps for Orlagh during the wedding. (LogOut/ Book Vea,,,,, Random Thought about Cardan in The Folk of the Air Trilogy *spoilers*,,,,, Blessthefall We Ll Sleep When We Re Dead Lyrics, Elizabeth Arden Good NightS Sleep Restoring Cream ngredients, Kentuckiana Center For Addiction Medicine. Murder is only the beginning of Taryn repenting her errors, she also comes in clutch many times in this novel, from stitching up a bleeding Jude, to capturing the Ghost. Cardan and Jude are now the hotitcouple of Elhame, but their bubble is burst by boring old Madoc trying to take the crown. Cardan does not take his obligations seriously, leaving Jude to do all the work as his seneschal. And you're my queen of nothing at all. He does not understand why Jude would ask him such a thing. His subjects come up to him and ask him questions, one of them being Grimsen, who is in exile. Cardan asks for Nicasia to be brought to the Council meeting. She follows Orianas advice and Oriana shows affection toward Taryn much more than her twin. Jude mentions that his glamour is more powerful and seductive than other Folk. As of season 2, Zero is one of the main characters on Hit The Floor. Prince Cardan tells her to kiss his foot and tell him how much she admires him, but Locke stops Jude and takes her home. Find all the books, read about the author, and more. (The Cruel Prince), "Locke hasn't gotten around to seducing me yet, if that's what you're asking. She then lobs serpent Cardan's head off and he comes out of the serpent naked and covered in blood. When the crowning began, Prince Cardan was missing. Book blog, book blogger, book recommendation, Book review, book series, book series review, Bookish things, bookstagram, Fantasy book review, Fantasy books, Fantasy romance, fantasy series, Folk of the air 3, Holly Black, Jude duarte, Queen of Nothing, The Cruel Prince, The Cruel Prince series, ya book review, YA fantasy, Ya fantasy series, Ya romance. Orlagh and Nicasia reveal that Grimsen is working with them (is anyone surprised?) It really is a magical word: no. Jude admits to killing Balekin and as punishment, Cardan banishes Jude from Faerie. Jude tries to use a secret passage, but it has been destroyed. THE BOOK. Taryn was revealed to be working with Madoc after she impersonated Jude in front of a sick Cardan. The Jude and Cardan relationship is in the early stages. Jude frees him and they are married. Aslog, however, tells Cardan that the moral of the story is that a sharp tongue is no match for a sharp tooth. that she remembers that fae love differently than mortals. Jude then tells Prince Cardan and the rest of the Court of Shadows about how her foster brother, Oak, is of the house of Greenbriar and implies that Prince Cardan will crown her brother. Its about love and magic and its just absolutely perfect. Cardan says that Taryn (as Jude) said that Madoc needed to be released from his vow to Cardan. Taryn didn't like conflict. She says if he tries to undermine her again, shell kill him. Once Jude and Cardan are alone in his chambers, he tells Jude to cut the shit and is overly happy that shes back. A barely healed Jude runs back to the palace fully believing that Madoc has sent an assassin to kill Cardan, so she hangs out all day in the rafters waiting for one to show. Reading Queen of Nothing was stressful. I cant be stopped because it's my birthday!! She is first mentioned when Cardan is comparing her and Jude to the mortal Balekin had beat him. Manage all your favorite fandoms in one place! Locke and Taryn then start meeting. Edir is a musician who admires Taryn. She is said to be wicked, and even wickeder because she does not believe so. How the King of Elfhame Learned to Hate Stories, Characters who appeared in The Cruel Prince, Characters who appeared in The Wicked King, Characters who appeared in The Queen of Nothing, Characters who appeared in The Lost Sisters, Characters who appeared in How The King Of Elfhame Learned To Hate Stories, Characters who were mentioned in The Stolen Heir. Again, not the best idea, in my opinion. Except the poison is actually just water, and Jude spits the antidote back out into the empty bottle for The Bomb to take to Cardan. Vivi notices that Jude is injured and Jude asks her not to tell anyone in case their father was the one to send the attackers. While they look similar, their personalities are very different. Jude falls unconscious but wakes in Cardans bed with him seated by her and washing the blood from her hands. Yes, Cardan is a soft boi but hes still a big dumb ass. After his birth, Lady Asha forbid Eldred from seeing Cardan until a week after Cardan was born. Balekin forces Cardan to spar with him, taunting and mocking him the entire time. Jude falls asleep one day during lunch break because of all her late-night antics. Cardan didnt answer, and Jude had almost convinced herself that he was asleep. He didn't see to raise Cardan after his prophecy was told. In The Queen of Nothing, the long-anticipated romance between Jude and Cardan finally, finally, FINALLY spreads its wings and bears fruit (those two metaphors dont make any sense together, do they? Now bleeding in the middle of a party, Cardan shocks all the faeries by announcing that Jude is his wife and is no longer in exile. ", Youre awful. He is described as more beautiful than the rest of the Folk by Jude. Jude does and says she hates him over and over again while kissing Cardan. Meanwhile, Jude must trust her feelings and Cardan not to betray her. They dance together until Locke comes and kisses Taryn, hurting Edir in the process. No, I wont help you. 30 May 2022 Does Jude sleep with Locke? She plans to find Grimsen and have him make a crown for Oak. A prisoner grabs Jude and tells her that she knew Judes mother and her secrets. Voicing whatever terrible thought he had. This is a hybrid of the prompts "we leave notes for each other on our shared desk" and "Jude and Cardan leave each other notes when they have nightmares . Upon Taryn's accusations, Cardan tells her that he doesn't think love is a game, unlike Locke. Jude is done being someone else's pawn. Before he can elaborate, Jude is taken by Madoc. Furniture & Styling Specialists. Jude goes along with it. Asha says that a witch told Eva that her child ould become a great weapon. Jude and Cardan short stories and head canons. Cardan compliments Jude on looking intimidating. +5 more. Cardan was the sixth and youngest child of the High King Eldred. Jude and Cardan run and hide. On the night of the masquerade party, Cardan seems like he's drunk and was poisoned by Balekin with wraithberry. After bathing, she puts on one of Cardan's shirts and a cloak before going to her own room in search of clothes. As Ive said in the previous books in this series, Holly Black is an incredible writer and a great story weaver. Dulcamara tells Jude that Lord Roiben could call in a favour at any time. Jude later reveals they did not go all the way. Later, Jude asks Cardan to seduce Nicasia so they can get information on what her mother is planning. Although, I suppose both of them have grown through this series, and everyone deserves some happiness. In the beginning, the pair did not get along at all. Vivienne and Taryn begin berating Jude for rushing into danger (154). However, the morning after their secret wedding, Queen Oralagh demands that Cardan punish Jude for murdering Balekin, her messenger between the land and the sea, so Cardan exiles Jude into the mortal realm. Jude realises that she lost the earrings during the attack. Just like Locke. He also says that it is his fault she turned out the way she did. Jude is bold, defiant and refuses to give in to her fear. He asks Jude to leave the room so he can have a talk with Randalin, when she refuses, he takes the counselor out and then has their talk. The ball is being held in the Court of Termites honour, because Cardan wants to make peace with Lord Roiben and his people. He goes from being so angry about having feelings for Jude to being a lovesick puppy. Jude agreed, recalling how he wanted to know if Taryn loved him enough to let him court Jude while she stood by, silent and suffering. She is not certain. Prince Dain "loosed the arrow . Jude gives him one of her tears as payment. To do so, she has bound the wicked king, Cardan, to her, and made herself the power behind the throne. He's shocked she can disobey him. Mother Marrow tells Cardan that if he had taken the cloth, he would have had to marry Marrow or her daughter. Jude plans to stop all this from happening, obviously, because Oak needs to become king. "[1] From this, Cardan's father, asked him to be taken away and raised by Lady Asha as she saw fit. 36 Kudos: 199 Cardan did what he did, and I got furious at him and I literally wanted Jude to smack him hard in his face, But I still love him and Jude still loves him and He loves Jude. This is because Madoc's ex-wife is the mother of all three girls. The Bomb adds that they could just tell Madoc to surrender his weapons. Jude and Cardan sat beside one another, their backs against the large trunk, their hands clasped together. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Madoc arrives in the human realm at the house of Eva and Justin. Which is true Cardan hasnt ripped off any faerie wings since book 1. Jude goes in Cardans place but Balekin wont tell her anything. After everyone is evacuated, it begins to snow in the brugh, something that's never happened. 254), "How has the night been going for you? As a serpent, Cardan seems to be poisonous to the land, leaving behind black trails. Taryn does so, but she also knows the Ghosts real name and uses it to command him to forget his orders from Madoc, thus saving him. Seelie Queen Tumblr, Cardan Greenbriar | The Folk of the Air Wiki Fandom, My Review of The Queen of Nothing (The Folk of the Air #3) by , Did Cardan sleep with other people after Goodreads, How is everyone interpreting the sex scenes, We sleep in the same bed -The Cruel Prince Pinterest, by you, i am forever undone. Taryn believes that Locke likes her because she is sensitive and he likes protecting someone. Heather is Vivis girlfriend who is fond of Taryn. Jude is severely injured from a fight with Madoc but still goes to warn Cardan after she realizes his life might be in danger. As Jude sat up, the shirt that she wore to sleep every night, slid back down to her hips. I loved Kiss me, Catalina more than West Side LoveStory. Oak is reluctant about these sessions, but Jude is insistent since he is going to be the High King of Elfhame someday. Later on, Cardan is drunk and finds out that Nicasia left him for Locke, Jude mocks him and Taryn is seen gripping Jude's hand so tight her nails begin to dig in. Jude tells Cardan that he shouldnt take it because she doesnt trust gifts from faeries. Arranged marriage au Canon divergence starting after the coronation. He invites Heather and Vivi to come to the ball in the evening. It is then that Cardan comes to her and declares to all of Elfhame that Jude is his wife and the rightful High Queen, no longer in exile. There's a fight and only Balekin and Cardan are left out of the princes. He enchants them to make the wearer more beautiful. Cardan opened his mouth to ask her about the type of dance when she leaned into him entirely, wrapping her arms around his waist. Orlagh agrees to an allaince with Cardan, but says that she wants to take Jude with her because Jude killed Balekin. During The Queen of Mirth, Cardan publicly states how Jude's face often plagues his dreams and how she was often featured in his nightmares. I wasn't sure if I wanted you or if I wanted you gone from my sight so that I would stop feeling as I did, which made me even more unkind. He did it because he has a bigger plan, my intuition screamed it the moment it happened. Cardan answers for Jude that Madoc should be chained. The Queen of Nothing (The Folk of the Air, 3) Hardcover Illustrated, November 19, 2019. The Queen of Nothing was a solid conclusion to the series, wrapping everything up with a nice little bow. I wish we could live together already, Jude felt like her world was spinning too fast; its colours blurring into one dizzying monstrosity of light and shapes forming as one. He asks Jude not to let an alliance between Orlagh and Cardan happen. (Queen of Nothing, 167), "We have lived in our armor for so long, you and I. 302 6 1. All he does is drink, party, and pretend to be High King. She explained to Locke that things had to change but he acted as though Taryn was being ridiculous. He holds me steady through the sharp, bright spark of pain." Violence Prince Dain, Cardan's brother, shoots a mortal with an arrow. What kinds of lessons did Miss Emily Give while she was in her forties? Taryn and Locke got married and took vows the Faerie way with no one around. "I can't." But Cardan held her steady anyways, and the only thing Jude was certain about, then, was her need for wanting him close, always. In an enchanted globe Jude found on former High King Eldred's desk, she sees Cardan as a very small child. Though Tayrn and Jude have a different father who was a mortal man, but also Madoc's best friend at one point. Last night, Cardan invited Jude to stay in his bed. Prince Cardan tells her that his father, High King Eldred, hated him and then leads Jude up to the palace floors. (The Cruel Prince, pg. Later, he and Jude go to the mortal world and there Taryn, Vivi, Heather, and Oak buy pizza as a celebration. This is a full plot summary of what happened in The Wicked King by Holly Black. She is called beautiful by Jude and Locke. Cardan struggled with his feelings towards Jude and hated himself for it. Summary: Another short, soft & fluffy fic. In the end, Jude and Taryn reconcile as they will always be sisters. Taryn doesn't like conflict. However, he was unkind to Taryn during their marriage and blamed it on the fact that the Folk didnt love the same way as humans do. If you click one of my links and make a purchase I earn a commission. Jude is surprised and worried about his presence. Cardan offers for Jude to be the High Queen which she accepts. Although I would have appreciated some cute scenes of the High King and Queen of Elfhame, pushing a red cart through the aisles of Target, Im not going to complain of the lack thereof. In The Cruel Prince, Madoc seems to have a closer relationship with Jude, because of their shared ruthlessness and lust for power. They tried to support each other and were very close. Does Cardan confess to Jude? jude and cardan merge draft The Folk of the Air Wiki Fandom, Did Jude and Cardan have sex? Jude gets drunk at a revel - Cardan is delighted. Vivi is closer to Taryn than she is to Taryn's twin, Jude. She studies people carefully and imitates them. It clearly affected him because he tried to talk about it with Jude but Jude cut him off and avoided it. There is a fair share of action and political intrigue to please readers. You probably guessed as much. Cardan agrees and Grimsen becomes part of the court. Grima Mog was with Cardan when they found Randalin in the room yelling at Jude. One foot in front of the other. While Jude studied under Madoc, Taryn studied under Oriana. He is also a sweet talker and can talk almost anyone into anything. Jude takes a prison guard called Vulciber back to the Court of Shadows because hes loyal to Balekin. Jude Duarte is a human and the High Queen of Elfhame. Their relationship ended when Locke was murdered by Taryn. Don't Date Rosa Santos and Our Way back to Always by Nina Moreno. Jude finds a note from Madoc asking her to meet him. at this point, hes only aware that she did not, The Queen of Nothing Is the Conclusion Fans Needed. We do live together, darling, he said, confusion in his voice. Breaking his stone heart. At one point, hed stopped to spin her in his arms. I never expected Taryn to receive a redemption arc. Later, when Jude sneaks into Cardans room, he pulls her into bed beside him and apologizes for how he treated her. Although, their warnings are a tad too late. Jude is taken to Madocs house. Cardan does everything he can to get Jude back. He then requests that she frees him from his vow of obedience. Vivi brought Jude and Taryn to the human realm to meet her girlfriend, Heather. Recaptains is the only site you'll ever need when you forget what happens in a series. Jude breathed in, then tilted her head back, her eyes zigzagging across the stubborn stars that refused to disappear. Jude agrees because she lacks other ideas. He linked their fingers together, and pulled Jude to her feet gently. Cardans POV of Chp 21 from QON Intense or Insane? Jude threatens Locke for his antics at the party. Sunlight peaked in through the curtains, the room turning golden with morning sun. When Madoc talked to Taryn about his conversation with Locke he told her that Locke informed him that as Madoc knew, the Folk are changeable people, but he'd still like to take Taryn as his wife. Though, in an attempt to get Jude to like him, Cardan would make conversation with Taryn to show he was making an effort to get along with Jude's family. They then sleep together. She is the daughter of Eva and Justin Duarte, foster daughter of Madoc and Oriana, half-sister to Vivienne, twin sister of Jude Duarte, foster sister to Oak and the former wife of Locke. Judes task is to convince Grima Mog to stop eating other Faeries, which can only be accomplished by dueling. [1] At the prince's first presentation, the High King asked the Royal Astrologer, Baphen, in front of an audience to pronounce the young prince's future. Jude breaks her out and tells her to leave. Vivi reveals to her girlfriend, Heather, that she is fae. Roach and Ghost wake Jude up in the middle of the night. Nicasia comes to Cardan a while after, telling him that Locke has taken either one or both of the mortal twins, Jude and Taryn, as a lover. Hello everyone! The monster snapped her teeth at him, and when he didn't show fear, she curled up on the end of the bed. Mother Marrow is there, and offers to trade Judes earrings for a walnut with a dress inside it. All he did was beat Cardan when he wasn't behaving. While she is planning her escape, Cardan comes to save her with the Roach. However, it turned out to be a ploy and Jude suffers a fall, hurting herself more. She says if he tries to undermine her again, she'll kill him. After three days, the boy asks if there are any other places to work. Change). Balekin does not immediately seize Cardan as he now knows the importance of a willing participant in a coronation. Jude dances with both Locke and Cardan. She has commanded him to never hurt her, but he might be able to work his way around that. Jude finds out there is a secret passage in his room and after exploring it, finds Nicasia crying. Cardan, wearing Mother Marrow's invincible clock, steps in front of Jude, leaving the Roach to be hurt. Cardan had long learned to not give too much care, too much of himself, to anything or anyone because it lessened the disappointment when they ultimately let him down. Finally, Locke told Taryn that "the story had gone out of her." When David "Trugoy the Dove" Jolicoeur of influential rap group De La Soul died last month, fans who wished to hear their work on music streaming services would have been unable to do . Cardan gives Jude his clock for safety. She comes back to find that an attempt was made on Cardans life by a crossbow while he was drunk and in bed with another faerie. He also refuses to attend meetings with the Living Council. Someone gives you a harsh look, murder" (The Wicked King, 218), "Be welcome on the Isle of Insmire. Dain is coronated but then killed by Balekin and his crew (including Madoc) immediately. He then requests that she frees him from his vow of obedience. Cardan realises that a lot of people will be looking to marry him and become queen. Jude goes to the human realm to fetch Vivi and Oak. It's disgusting, and I can't stop." As each day passed, the scent would get weaker. Only the monster took the tears as a sign of fear and sprang on the boy. He's dressed in a shirt that's too large and hangs down like a gown, barefoot and streaked with mud. Select low cost funds; Consider carefully the added cost of advice; Do not overrate past fund performance; Use past performance only to determine consistency and risk; Beware of star . King Cardan is furious at her betrayal, as he does not want to be High King, but still appoints Jude as his seneschal while also telling her that he has not yet forgiven her. Jude foresees her fathers true intentions are to make her his puppet, so she declines. (LogOut/ She persuades Cardan to swear himself into her service because she tells him she cannot trust him with the crown of Elfhame in his hands. The Cruel Prince (The Folk of the Air #1), A Good Girl's Guide to Murder by Holly Jackson, The Hawthorne Legacy by Jennifer Lynn Barnes, Amari and the Night Brothers by B B Alston. Jude asks Cardan to seduce Nicasia for information. I do agree about her possible romance. - The Queen of Nothing (2020). Taryn indicates that she didn't mean to kill Locke, she just grabbed the dagger, and Locke was dead. Do Jude and Locke end up together? He also says one of the only things he had done right was imagining Jude by his side while she was gone. Madoc had planned on putting Balekin on the throne or Oak, and was very angry when Jude placed Cardan. It's pushin' me harder, it's pushin' me harder. Jude is hurt, of course, but heads off to her night job in the mortal realm, running errands for other exiled faeries. (I will allow 2 and 2 to be put together there.) Who is courting Taryn? As Jude is getting ready, Cardan advises Jude to lie to the Lowe Courts to make them believe that the High King will triumph over Madoc. But Cardan, since hes from higher ranks, might have a name something like this (Im making it up): Cardan Carter Crux Greenbriar. Then, he slipped out from beneath the covers, rubbing his eyes with the backs of his hands. After the Seafolk leaves, the Living Council meets once again to try and figure a plan to stop Madoc. Couldn't let it go. He kept talking as if he could talk Taryn out of her own feelings. Cardan wants Balekin to give him land far away from the castle in exchange for the crown. When she is released from the Tower of Forgetting, Cardan allows her to return to the High Court, saying that he supposes he has some fondness for her yet. In The Queen of Nothing Madoc reveals to Jude, thinking she is Taryn, that he underestimated her and is proud of what she did to Locke. Cardan rest his forehead against hers, breathing in the calm. Jude is forced . Eventually, his mother made him go out into the world to find his fortune. She tells Cardan about everything she has learnt. Saying that it will draw out and contain the toxins. Meanwhile, Cardan is so happy to have Jude back in Elfhame that he marries her and makes her Queen. Jude took that to mean just Cardan, as he was the king, but he actually meant until Jude wished to come back, as just hours before this exile proclamation, he crowned her queen by making her his wife. He was also the ringleader of his inner circle of friends. Naturally, Jude cusses out Taryn, but after hearing that her sister is pregnant, she agrees, plus she wants to see Cardan again and give him a few kicks for playing with her heart. Nicasia was Cardan's former lover and a member of Cardan's original group. Jude takes him to the Court of Shadows. Dulcamera reveals that Orlagh freed Jude in order to be allowed to attack the Court of Termites. Cardan asks the Ghost if killing him was the order, and the Ghost confirms it. However, after she explained why she loved him, he realized that her feelings were genuine and they kissed. Jude rolled over on the bed, the light comforters beneath her made her feel as if she were floating. Once Cardan and Jude meet again, Cardan confesses that there was always a loophole in her exile. Cardan uses his seductive talents on Jude instead and they start kissing. The room is a wreck. If you want to shop more of my book recommendations check out my bookshop storefront. Cardan proposes a bargain where Jude will tell Balekin that Cardan will crown him in exchange for lands and gold for Prince Cardan and Jude be given whatever she wants, but Cardan tells her that he does not want to be High King. Nicasia says Orlagh plans to marry Nicasia to Cardan, and if Cardan refuses then Orlagh will flood the kingdom. She believes that "they don't love the same way humans do.". Telling Cardan he should leave while she takes out Jude's stitches. Her plan is to then send Oak to the mortal world until he is old enough to be the High King. Cardan once told Jude that he liked being High King to spite his father. When Cardan becomes a serpent after incurring an ancient curse, she spent most of her time feeling extremely regretful because she didn't tell Cardan that she loved him too. Afterward, Tatterfell and Heather arrive. Vengeance is had. A few years later, Cardan is forced to live with his elder brother Balekin. Locke wanted to see how Taryn would react to things he did. They meet multiple times in secret. hammersmith and fulham allocations team contact number, ace stand by me character analysis, speedy gonzales fat cousin,

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